Little Lad's Almond Butter Philosophy

Did someone say fresh "roasted"? What does "ROASTED" mean anyway? You may have had visions of a nice open fire with someone carefully stirring the nuts to make sure they were evenly brown. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Did you not know that "ROASTED" now means DEEP FRIED?!!! That's right, and approved by the FDA! So here is the picture: Almonds, cashews, or other nuts, and even organic nuts, dipped like French Fries into vats of boiling oil and left at high temperatures to "ROAST". Now because it is hard to make dry roasted nuts into butter, these oil-saturated nuts are much more appealing to the manufacturers, and in fact left dripping with oil, they make "creamy nut butter," which is heavier. And as it sells by the pound this is a win, win situation for the manufacturer. What about the oil that is used batch after batch, after batch, after batch… Enough said? What a good place to use up things like cottonseed oil or peanut oil, or Canola oil. Fast food companies could improve their image by advertising "ROASTED" potatoes instead of FRIES. Super sizing may come back into style. How about a "ROASTED" doughnut!!?? That will surely increase the sales to those who have cut back on the "deep fried" ones!!! What now? Make your own nut butters? Another possibility, try Little Lad's Almond Butter, and find out why people that use it will not use any other kind. In fact, in some cases, to begin with they have to be convinced that it is actually Almond Butter and not something else, because it does not have that DEEP FRIED taste. Yes, it costs us more money to buy the machines to make dry almonds into butter and yes because it is not soaked in oil you get all almonds and we get less money than we would if we added a "filler", but we thought that this would be a WIN, WIN for the customer and strangely we were thinking that that is what it was all about. So if you like, come watch us dry ROAST our almonds, or maybe just try some Little Lad's Almond Butter. This could be a Win, Win for you. And maybe you won't have to change your thinking after all!!!

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