Little Lad's Granola Philosophy

Why does a cow have four stomachs? Because uncooked grains need a long time to digest and several trips through the stomach - hence 4 stomachs. To solve this grain digestion problem for humans, zwieback and melba toast (twice baked bread) and even toast, which are all easily digested, were developed. Granola was first made by John Harvey Kellogg M.D., a Seventh-day Adventist. His formulas contained twice-baked bread for easy digestion to aid in the healing of his patients. Without understanding his philosophy, but trying to duplicate Kellogg's success, modern granola makers have tried to compensate for hard to digest grains by using "ovenized" rolled oats. But as many people know, most granolas sit in your stomach all day long and sour, and then pass out undigested, which makes some people think that they have allergies or digestion disorders, and leaves them with low energy. Whole grains contain many nutrients, but they can do you no good unless they can be easily digested. This is why Little Lad's bakes their granolas for hours and hours. And, for that matter, all of our crackers get slow baked and thoroughly dried as well! This changes the starches to easily digested polysaccharides. And makes you feel like you just ate a bowl of the lightest of cereals, yet gives you all of the benefits and energy of whole grains and lasts all the way until lunch time. So unless you have four stomachs, you might like to try a granola that actually digests! This will result in more energy, and a higher satisfaction from your meal. Try it! What do you have to lose? (Besides three stomachs!) For more excellent health information, we recommend the book, "Ministry of Healing" which can be obtained by contacting Little Lad's Bakery.

It has dried Maine wild blueberries, cranberries, raisins, whole dry roasted almonds, and dry roasted walnuts. 

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